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Finding the host that locks the VM

We’ve been experiencing some issues with file locks lately caused by VMotions gone wrong and VM’s that where somehow deleted while still running (?). So here is a little manual on how to troubleshoot this. First off, enable SSH on a host within the cluster. It doesn’t matter which one, but if you have a… Read More »

Writing custom SATP claimrules

I’ve been using HP 3PAR systems for a couple of years now and the documentation is quite extensive. So for creating your own custom SATP claimrule HP/3PAR created a very simple one-liner that will automatically ensure that all your LUN’s are configured correctly. Now since a few day’s we’ve also acquired an HP EVA P6550… Read More »

Two Device ID’s on a RDM

I’ve been working on migration our current VMWare hosts to a new install that i’ve designed with optimised storage configuration and memory sharing as so to optimise the customer customer experience. While migrating VM’s from the last five hosts i’ve started running into issues with some VM’s that have RDMs attached. These RDMs won’t migrate… Read More »