Windows 2012(R2) MPIO

By | 08/06/2015

MPIO in Windows works a bit different then i’m used to on VMware. Where VMware almost always detects this out of the box, Windows does not detect this so you need to help it out a bit.

Installing MPIO
1. On the server, log in as Domain Administrator.
2. Launch “Server Manager“.
3. On “Server Manager” window, click “Add roles and features“.
4. On “Before You Begin” window, click “Next“.
5. On “Installation Type” window, select “Roles-based or feature-based installation“.
6. Click “Next“.
7. On “Server Selection” window, click “Next” twice.
8. On “Features” window, check “Multipath I/O“.
9. Click “Next“.
10. On “Confirmation” window, click “Install“.
11. On “Results” window, click “Close“.
12. Press “Start” button and then enter “MPIO“.
13. Click the “MPIO” icon.
14. On “MPIO Properties” window, select “Discover Multi-Paths” tab. In cases where you use a supported storage device like a 3PAR system connected over FC it will be shown under the SPC-3 compliant devices. Click add then OK. If required enable support for SAS and/or iSCSI.
15. On “Reboot Required” window, click “Yes” to restart the Windows.


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