Creating public IP space on VMware Integrated OpenStack

By | 17/02/2016

I’ve been playing with VMware Integrated OpenStack for a couple of days now and i’m really impressed. VMware created a solution that takes a reasonably difficult product and made it a lot easier. There is still a lot to be done, i’ll admit that, but it’s going the right way.

One of the things i couldn’t figure out from the documentation was how to assign floating IP space to the platform, but Thanks to Jahnin Rajamoni i figured it out 🙂


First, figure out what the portgroup on the dvSwitch on which your public IP space is allocated is called.

  • go to https://<vCenter IP>/mob and log in with admin credentials
  • Click Content
  • Click Group-d1
  • Click the datacenter in which the dvSwitch is configured
  • Click Network
  • Note the “dvportgroup-XX” name for the portgroup you need

Second, create a network in the admin space in OpenStack

  • Go to the OpenStack URL and login as admin
  • Click Admin
  • Click Networks
  • Click Create a Network
  • Now create a network with the following settings
    • Name : <any>
    • Project : Admin
    • Provider Network Type : Port Group
    • Physical Network : dvportgroup-XX <the port group name you wrote down in the beginning>
    • Admin State : UP
    • Shared : true
    • External Network : true

Third, create a subnet for this network

  • Click Admin
  • Click Networks
  • Click on the network name
  • Click Create Subnet
  • Now create a subnet with the following settings
    • Subnet name : any
    • Network address : <example>
    • IP Version : IPv4
    • Gateway IP : <ip of your gateway>
    • Disable gateway : true if you don’t have a gateway
  • Fill this in under Subnet details
    • Enable DHCP : false
    • Allocation Pools : <start of free block>,<end of free block>
    • DNS Servers : <any separated by an enter>
    • Host routes : <specify any static routes if required>

And that is it.

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