About me

My name is Marcel Stangenberger. I work as a Cloud infrastructure architect @ Conclusion FIT.

My passion is IT, i’ve started on this road since i was six years old, i’ve always had a computer since that age and learned myself a great deal of IT related stuff and am always happy to learn something new.

I’ve been working in IT since before the year 2000. Learning more and more to become the specialist i am today.
I have and will always try to learn everything i canĀ and by that way try to become better.

I believe in a simple catchphrase that made me register this domain name in the first place. When you work in IT, you will have had moments that you need to press the button, but are not 100% sure it will do what you expect. That moment, when you do press that button, you know that..

IT is for the fearless

And if you don’t believe it, your moment will come…