About me

My name is Marcel Stangenberger. I work as a VMware specialist @ Conclusion FIT.

My passion is IT, i’ve started on this road since i was six years old, i’ve always had a computer since that age and learned myself a great deal of IT related stuff and am always happy to learn something new.

I’ve been working in IT since 2000, when i was the junior system administrator @ GG&GD Amsterdam. In the years thereafter i’ve grown to become the VMware¬†specialist that i am now.
I have and will always try to learn everything i can from the people i meet and by that way try to become better at my job.

I believe in a simple catchphrase that made me register this domain name in the first place, you probably heard it already somewhere because every IT company has at the very least one person that beliefs in this phrase


IT is for the fearless


And if you don’t believe it, try doing something in IT while people are saying it will break everything, but it has to be done… You need to be fearless.